i reached my picture limit?? :O

just tried to update my banner on my legacy blog, and it said i had exceeded my picture quota! omg theres a quota? does that mean i can never update that blog (or this one) with pictures ever again? how will i go on?
and how exactly did i exceed my quote when i was replacing a picture that was already there with another one? stupid blogger!
if i cant post pics anymore.... i dont know how i can continue.. ill need ot make another blog with a new account i guess.. this sucks


  1. Use photobucket. Click the html tag on blogger and copy the htlml code in the box or you could just copy the direct link and put it in the from url box when you click the pic icon on blogger. You can always make a new photobucket account for that blog.

    Anyway,t that's weird. Maybe you should google that. I hope it isn't a limit.

  2. i already have 2 photobuckets lol. perhaps i have a problem? im a picture horder. i need help


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