more adventures in Skyrim

so i am lev 32 or so now. i only had 1 toon in oblivion that even made it that far. the leveling system is a bit easier this time around i think. you level doing things you.. well.. do. performing just about any skill will level you up, and the more you do that action, the more you level THAT skill. its awesome :).
oblivion was similar, but i think they cut away alot of the extra stuff and got  it more pure. meh, im bad at explaining things.
anyhooo... my toon got married today :D wee. there is this mercenary guy in the town of Marcath who i like to hire. it costs 500 gold, but hes a good fighter and hes got some amusing commentary. after the Kajiit henchmen i had wouldnt marry me (no option came up for him, im not sure why) i went and talked to the mercenary, and he was interested :D
so now we are married and i can hire him for free, muahaha. and he lives in my house.
i have several. im not sure yet which towns all have houses, but so far i have houses in Whiterun, Riften, Solitude, and Windhelm. Windhelm was hard.
i joined the imperial army pretty early on, so that made almost everyone in windhelm my enemy right out, since that is where the rebellion base is. i wasnt sure if i would EVER be able to get  house there.
i did all the quests i could for thw jarl and the townsfolk, but never got the option so i assumed i couldnt get one if im an imperial.
so after completeing the imperial storyline and conquering Windhelm, things in town arent too much different.
BUT, today, at my wedding, was one of the high ranking guys from Windhelm, dont remember his name, somthing Shield. i helped his family investigate the murder of his daughter.  well as we were leaving the wedding, he turned to me and told me i could buy property in wildhelm... which i found odd since he isnt the jarl OR the steward of that town.
well i ran over there right away and sure enough i was able to buy property.. and WOW what a house.
Windhelm is kind of a shitty looking town, all beat up and worn out. and the house has a slight flavor of that as well, but i think so far, this is my favorite house. i like it even more than my fancy villa in Solitude.
its got a shit ton of storage space, several weapon racks, mannequins for armor, and an enchanting station. (which i cant afford yet, but the steward had one for sale)
the place is HUGE. it doesnt look it from the outside at all. and the funny thing is, its the house from the murder quest... i had ALREADY been sleeping there for free since i knew it was unoccupied hahaha.
well, now i can furnish it. and all the bloodstains and bones and stuff are still there, so i love the ambiance.
so maybe me and my newlywed mercenary hubby will make that our main residence. too bad Windhelm itself is kinda of a dump.
ive only got 20 levs in smithing to go untill i can craft dragon armor. i cant wait! i been working on smithing since early in the game, and i have been growing in skill slowly but steadily, only using what i find or mine myself.
wont be long now :)
this game is so unbelievable.. i simply love every minute


  1. Hi Zeri!  Somehow, I just knew you'd be playin' this one.  I'm not actually playin' it as we only have one machine that can play it and that's mine, which, my hubby has stolen in order to play.

    I'm really enjoying watching this game.  I feel like I'm watching a movie.  I love the scenery and overall feel of the world.  It very much reminds me of Gothic, which is another favorite.

    I really like the leveling system in this game.  It makes total sense that if you keep doing something you'd get better at it.

    My Sweetie is playing a Nord who, I swear looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

    So far, I'd rec this game.  I'm having so much fun watching, I don't even mind having my machine taken away nightly. 

    I'll check back sooner then I have been, in the mean time, happy playing!


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