so lets see if i get to play today

without CTD every 10 minutes. i dont get it. when i start up a new town (or old one) and play a family, the first day or 2 goes great, no issues. but, it seems the longer i play any given family, the more CTD i get. i get about 1 generations worth of play. so, the kids would just be about getting to toddlers, and CTD, CTD, CTD. over and over.

its irritating. i have to keep abandoning my favorite familys to go play another one, just to actualy PLAY. maybe ill try my Ovevil family again today. they were CTD on me a few days ago, and i moves to the Goth's, then they did it, and i moved to another house.

so lets see if i can play today without throwing a shoe at my screen


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