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so ive been playing this sim named Lin Mu Bai (well attempting to play her, with all the CTD)
ive grown quite attached to her. for some reason, i dont have many pics of her. wel anyhoo, i made her basicaly just to play with the white unicorn i made in CAS. she was never intended to be a vampire. but the random sim that rolled up in CAS was a vampire, and i said, hey why not, and just went and sculpted her.
of course, if i had been thinking clearly i would have realized that an equestrian and gardening oriented sim was going to be a considerable challenge if she can only come out at night.

sure i can go to the science lab and cure her, but i love her as she is way too much. well anyway, she started with the unicorn, like i said, then she wanted to adopt a horse from the newspaper. so i did.

 i got this funny looking mare. she bred with the unicorn and i got 2 funny looking colts. one had a horn, but he had no unicorn powers. so, i end up selling all 3. then i adopt a few more horses and breed them both together. i got some strange mixes that time.

these 2 parents

created these 2 foals. arent they neat?

well it was about here i think that the game went syko and started all this CTD bullshit every 10 minutes, (well it might have been a little before then) so its been REALLY tough to continue past here. slowly tho i have made some progress.

Lin is as you may have guessed from her picture, Chinese. and since i dont want monster babies with bad genetics, i wanted to find her a nice looking Chinese mate. took her to china, but didnt find much. best looking guy there was married and completely not interested.

there were a few chinese guys around town who i had made and placed around to be townies, but they were also either married or uninterested.

well, the good thing about being a vampire (well one of the good things) is that you have the advantage of time. while she is still going about her daily thing, the other chinese townsfolk grew old, and had grownup children.
one of whom, was quite attractive, and available.

she met Josef Won at the consignment store one afternoon. (story progression named and dressed him, dont blame me)
but he is the son i would assume, of Christine and Cho Sen Won, who i placed in town 'years' ago. not a bad looking fella.for weeks she has been trying to chat this guy up, invite him over, hang out, but he has been elusive. it took a while to get him into the friend zone.

despite compatible signs, they didnt really 'click' right away once she finaly got him over. well, the FIRST time they did. i got a notice form story progression, that he (josef) had broken up with his girlfriend. that night he invited Lin to a party at his house. she schmoozed him up and they were romantic interests before long. she got her first kiss, and then, BLAMMO CTD.

i also lost this foal out of my mare and unicon

since i hadnt saved the game after his birth that day. so,needless to say, i was a bit annoyed. so after much griping at the universe in general, i fired the game up again. a half hour loading time later...

my foal grows up again, yay! what a looker he is, eh? what an odd assortment of colors and markings. i cant wait to breed him.

and my YinYang foal is born again, to my delight, not only does he have the same markings as before, but NOW hes also a unicorn. hey a crash did something usefull for once. excepting my botched date with josef, grrr.

so she invites him over.. but THIS time he doesnt break up with his girlfriend in story preogression. NOOO. so i have to try to seduce him even tho hes taken.
well, thanx to woohooer mod, it was a success. (eventualy) she got him into the shower, and his girlfriend will be none the wiser. her vampire powers bewitched him, he was puddy in her hands. and now she is carrying his lurve baby teehee

im not sure why i told this little tale, save for that i REALLY love this family and i felt like talking about her.
im excited to see how her baby will turn out! i hope his features are blended well and he doesnt look freeky. ive bad luck mixing asian sims before, but i think i picked a good match this time. im also really excited about my herd. they are having such lovely babies! all the coat varietys, are so neat! well. i gues thats the end :P


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