so ive come to a little.. standstill of sorts. my latest legacy heir has come of age, and now i need to decide what hidden trait to pursue this generation. his genetics are perfect, and i really dont want to sully my fine lineage with yet another bleh EA NPC, but i guess i hafta.
so my current traits are pyro, rocker, vampire, apprehend burglar, can salute, makes no messes, and burglar.
since asian culture trait was lost from the line a few generations back, i was considering taking him to china to find a nice girl there. but ..well i only found 1 nice looking girl there the LAST time, and it took me 3 generation to get rid of that nose.
i could try for the french culture trait, or egypt, but havent found any desirables there either. :/
then there is his imaginary friend. its a girl, and she kinda has a crush on him. im pretty sure that is he were to hook up with her, there is some kinda imaginary friend traits. (not positive)
and the only one left i believe, is pizza aficionado. which is probably like the rocker trait an does absolutely nothing.

so i dont know which one to shoot for. taking requests, comments, etc lol.
(you can catch up on the family on my other blog, link to the right) ------>


  1. I had to go for pizza aficionado since travelling could be dangerous and those imaginary friends are too creepy. 

  2. I chose imaginary friend! Just because it'd be interesting to see XD

  3. i thankfully havent had too many issues with traveling, WA always worked fairly well for me, with the occasional oopsie or crash. but there is always the possiblity that it could go KABOOm at any time lol. i must i am a little intrigued about the IF tho.. i wonder if it would work? but pizza sounds good too so hmmm


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