well.... what a big freekin surprise

even tho everything is freshly updated, the launcher is still unreliable. i uploaded a sim, went to my page just fine. uploaded a house, and nada. it says it uploaded, but nothing appears on my page. great... so once again i have to show my house HERE if i want anyone to ever download it at all... -_-

 i did some landscaping on this lot to my personal specifications. i plan on putting my sim self in this house. this is the rear of the house. you can see the large deck overlooking the pond and the 2 story windows all along the great room. its a 2 story room with an open loft type thing.

 this is the front. a 2 car garage with room in the back for washing machines or exercise equipment.

 just a quick look at the loft/second floor. here you see the dining area and kitchen on the lower level, and a bedroom and stair case to the master bedroom on the second floor

 this is the ground floor layout. from bottom left we have the garage leading up to a hallway and small bathroom. then you have the kitchen area and a dining room on a raised platform. in the middle is the great room with a grand fireplace, and large windows overlooking the wilderness outside. to the right we have a large bedroom/study/nursery and a hallway leading to a master bathroom. at the back of the house is a large and oddly shaped deck (yes it was like that in the floorplan)

most of the house and window tho, should be EA stock. Enjoy!

Download Me

well those are the only pics i took of it, but if you think its nice give it a download! :)
it is empty to keep the file size small, and it has very little CC. some custom windows and doors but not much else. unfortunately i dont remember where some of these things came from, so you will just have to use other doors/windows if they dont come with it.


  1. I really like the house, Zeri!  I downloaded it......I just started a new game with my simself and that house will be perfect for her.  I will take pics after I furnish and decorate.  Thanks for a great house!   :)

  2. That's a trendy looking house Zeri! Awesome work! :D

  3. thnx alot guys :)


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