happiness is a warm fuzzy

or in this case a warm fuzzy kitten! This is Jowy. hes such a doll. sweet as can be, he loves to cuddle and be loved on. and hes got the cutest face (which i just cant seem to capture on camera in its pure cuteness) dunno if you can see it or not, but hes got 2 extra toes on each front paw. so hez special <3


  1. He's so cute! The third picture down is really adorable. I wish they stayed kitten sized for longer. My little cat turned 12 a few days ago. I'd love to get another kitten for her to play with. 

  2. OMG! How freaking CUTE!  He's a Mitten Kitten!!  I love those.  Kitties make everything better...don't they!?

  3. awwww! Kitty! I want a kitten, but my dog would probably think it's a toy. >_<

  4. *Gasp!* What a darling. I remember when my cat was that small :) I have a friend who had a cat with an extra toe on each front paw but I've never seen a cat with 2 extra toes :o


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