gosh im so lucky

i get my very own fan page
sesert the douche's latest fail
honestly, no one cares about me on the EA forum anymore. who exactly are you trying to hurt with this? not me, im laughing. dumbass


  1. 0_o That is just disturbing beyond belief.  What on earth did you do to make him so obsessive over you? Maybe he has a secret crush on you and is just too scared to tell you! :P

  2.  i doubt its a crush lol. hes done this to several people.. (hmm all girls come to think of it..) hes  just a pathetic little loser, with apparently nothing better to do. i guess they dont have cable in his country.

  3. Rachel Teh PengieJuly 12, 2011 at 8:52 AM

    aww he thinks hes peoples!

    but seriously, he is like a bad smell that wont go away >.>
    and i do think they have cable its just him, maybe he is just stuck in the basement and never seen the sunshine


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