Bad Zeri

Vampire Zeri had just moved into her new home from the trailer park. She was moving up in her cop career toward forensics, and all was going well. But she was a bit bored.

She went to the club one night and had some questionable drinks. Before you know it, she was in a mood and chatting up everybody. she met 2 men that night. one guy named Yuri, and another guy named somthing i can remember. lets just call him Chad. She got extremely friendly with Chad and invited him home. They hit it off rather well only to discover that Chad was married. 'No problem' He said, and immediately left his wife. But he had the evil trait, and Zeri's good trait keep clashing with him. so not much else happened that night.

The next night she went out with Yuri, under the pretense of 'questioning' him.He was a very handsome man and they seems to hit it off rather well... only one big problem tho...

he was ALSO married.. to this hideous thing. Zeri felt she may actualy be doing him a favor by seducing him.

so Zeri took him home and made him hers.. literaly! After he agreed to leave his wife, she bit him... making him Riverview's only other vampire. and assuring that hell definitely be around, and only for her. She suddenly had the naughty girl reputation.. oops

then she went to China to lean some martial arts for her upcoming promotion. the wooden dummy thing kicked her ass pretty bad.

But she managed to learn a thing or two, and had a great trip. (had to see if WA still worked)

when she got home, she realised she was still an item with Chad.. and it would probalby not be a good idea to continue to string him along.  she she took him out to a public place to confess her cheating. He didnt take it well.

Zeri reminded him, that you do NOT pick a fight with a vampire. especially one who recently learned sim fu. She tried apologizing to him several times, and still he continued to attack her. she she just declared him a nemesis, and kicked his ass one last time for good measure.

on her way out, she ran into Yuri's ex wife and daughter... awkward....

That night her house was robbed! good thing she was a cop, she called up her buddies and they raced right over there. that burglar didnt get far...

 a few days later Yuri calls to say sometimes wierd has happened to him. yep hes finaly a full fledged vamp!

 Zeri asked him to go steady and they spent the night togewther in vamp bliss.... but what a naughty girl Zeri has been....bad Zeri


  1. Lol, nothing wrong with being bad ;) especially when ya do it so good :p


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