honestly, this is just getting boring now

stop joining my site. YOU CANNOT POST THERE. You never will, so why join? seems pretty pointless to me. have you honestly not got anything better to do? seriously? i pity you, i truly do


  1. Bless him, poor ickle troll with no real life friends.

  2. His mother and father must be so proud of him! Maybe one day he will go away for good and we can give ourselves warm fuzzies imagining that he has finally been arrested and is sitting in a prison somewhere that they don't treat inmates like kings.  No more computer...no more conning EA's CS into giving him new game codes...nothing but moldy bread and rusty water and his memories of spending his days posting dirty pics on a gaming forum!  Kinda brings a tear to your eye...doesn't it!?

  3. He has your attention now and I think that is his ultimate goal.   He doesn't warrant anyone's attention.


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