sesert rides again!

was a short trip tho, hahahahaa. oh for anyone who wants to know, this is another if his IPs

so make a note of it. should i post his email adress too so we can send him love letters?
you know sesert, when you join my site I KNOW ALL YOUR INFO.  and thanx to my new settings you cant post SHIT without my approval..


you are such a joke


  1. Yeah, he posted porn on my site yesterday. Not sure how long it had been, but as soon as I woke up and saw it, it was off the site.

    Once hubby gets completely processed in, he'll be passing all the info to the military. We'll see how long he'll last then.

  2. haha he really doesnt understand who hes fuckin with, does he?

  3. Uuuuh Thanks so much Zeri, I was just about to PM you on Simpletons asking. Looks like hes making his way around the fan sites. 

  4. I don't even know what to say about this deranged person anymore... just that obviously they need to seek mental help asap and sign up somewhere for a life.

  5. My goodness. I leave the forums with you people for a few months and you let scum like this idiot in. I just experienced him for the first time a few minutes ago and let me tell you, he has awful taste in nudey pictures. Regardless, he needs to be killed on sight. 

  6.  i sure as hell didnt let him in, lol. and yeah.... he deserves severe head trauma


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