maybe its time for a change

with generations coming, and lots of new interactions and adventures to be had, i have been wondering if maybe my long standing legacy family, the Ovevil's, should be retired.
they have acquired more or less all of the hidden traits, which was my ultimate goal. (im missing only pizza appreciator i think, and the WA ones) and now both my heiress and her father, are vampires (and still YA) so it makes it a tad difficult to run a generational family who lives for centuries. not only that, its getting harder and harder to come up with names that go with 'of evil'. i think ive used most of the good ones already (some more than once)

ive been using the Ovevil family name since sims 1.. and im pretty attached to them. but i think maybe its time to let them go to story progression and start over with a new 'of evil' family. one whos name is alot easier to deal with.

im thinking maybe Bane, (Bayne) or Niteshayd, (Nightshade). havent decided yet. i might even put them in the same town the Ovevil's are in, and let them intermarry. so id still be continuing my family line, but under a different surname. i dunno.. still deciding. so those names sound dark and gothy enough? i want my new family to be more less the same as my old family.. just with a better name and less vampires lol  (i still love vampires, they just suck for family continuiity)


  1. Get the family ready for Generations!  It is on it's way and should arrive Tues. or Weds.  

  2. Pistolkitten YoungJune 4, 2011 at 5:53 PM

    I love the last name ''Bane''

  3.  woohoo! cant wait :D

  4. Yeah, I like Bane too :)


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