you know what annoys me?

the misrepresentation of ninjas. our modern society likes to paint ninjas as heros. saver of the little guy, rescuer of maidens, defeater of evil. and sure, ninjas are cool and awesome and who doesnt love ninjas??? but REAL ninjas were NOT heros. real ninjas were assassins... killers.. MURDERERS. ninjas were hired by other people to exterminate a particular target. they did it swiftly, and silently, and then they disappeared. they did not save the day.  they had no particular care for good or evil. they simply got the job done.


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  2. Your right. They were trained to kill swiftly, and silently. And were paid by customers to perform this service discretly, and without question. American Ninja movies were so stupid. No such thing. lol xD

  3. well ninjas make great american action movie fodder, but its just not how it really was.. and well, being a stickler for historical accuracy, sometimes it bugs me :P

    samurai on the other hand, might fit that stereotypical bill a little better

  4. Yah, but Tom Cruise as a mighty Samurai? PULEASEEEE! lol xD

  5. that movie was alright.. but the ending was depressing

  6. that movie was alright.. but the ending was depressing


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