murphys law... gets ya every time

so i have been wearing this one pair of earrings for probably 5 years now. ive switched on and off with others, but i always go back to these because they are my favorite. long and dangly, and have a locking clasp in the back.

well, i was chatting with the receptionist at my sons therapist while he was in his meeting. we started talking about earrings. she mentioned her little niece just her first earrings, and i told the story of when i was a kid my dad would buy me all these beautiful sterling silver unicorn earrings (i love unicorns, btw) and all the time i would lose them. because i was a kid, and kids lose things. they would fall right out of my ears and id never find them. i would get into SO much trouble every time, but its not like it was really my fault.

i remember one when i was around 7 years old, losing an earring in gym class. (and they were my FAVORITE) i crawled around on my hands and knees for an hour on that gym floor looking for it. not only did i really want it back, i knew id get a beating for losing it.

but i never found it. so i was telling the girl this, and i chuckled saying 'i never lose my earrings now, because they have a lock on them!'

the SAME day, after running a few errands and coming home, i finaly sit down at the computer to relax and what do i discover?
one of my earrings is gone. i dont know what is more ironic... the fact that my dad gave me these earring,s or the fact that i JUST THAT DAY said i never lose them!

im still kinda pissed off, i was doing alot of running around so i will more than likely never find it. its probably in a snowbank somewhere.

but, thats just the way it goes eh? dont tempt fate cause shes got a nasty sense of humor :P


  1. My kind of luck. :O I am sorry though. I lose thing. Well, often people help by STEALING them, but yah... I know the feeling. hug


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