sha-sha-sha-sha-sha shelby!

has anyone ever had one of these? its related to the furby, shelby was kinda furbys cousin. i always thought the shelbys were cuter, but they cant dance like furby can.
you dont really see these around much these days. its a shame, cause they were so much fun.
ANYWAY, i have a shelby that ive had for probalby 5 years or more, that ive had just sitting on a shelf collecting dust.
i never let my kids play with it very much, because if you drop them, they go all exorcist on you.
i had a furby once. when my first born was a baby. i used to play with him all the time. till my daughter was a toddler, and i made the mistake of letting her play with him. she dropped him. and after that he was like.. possessed 0_0

his eyes would freak out and he spoke in tounges. hed be talking normally and just be like aertnewfjhJKHDsa!!!
it was scary lol.

well this is why i never let my kids play with my shelby. well, a few years back a neighbor boy came inside to play with my daughter. he saw shelby on a shelf, and without asking picked him up, and predictably, dropped him.
needless to say, i was pretty pissed off. here i was protecting shelby from my own kids, when someone elses just walks in my house and breaks him!
and after the fall, shelby started acting wierd and not working right, so i took out his batteries and put him back on the shelf.

well last night, my youngest noticed shelby sitting up there and was very curious about it. i decided to take him down and put batteries in him to see if he was at least still a little playable.
curiously enough, he seems to be fine! so far so good, i havent heard any evil ramblings or pea soup spitting. hes been talking and playing games and moving around like normal.

so YAY i have my shelby back! i know robots cant heal, but time certainly did something for him. he was so cute and i had fun playing with him XD
sha sha sha sha shelby!!


  1. Yay Shelby! haha I'm glad hes working again :)
    I had a Furby who became possessed after my cousin thought it would be funny to throw him at the wall. :(
    I loved that little furby!


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