567 Beach Front Drive *updated*

so, once again my launcher does NOT upload or download anything, and im sure as hell NOT updating to those glitchey patches just to use my launcher.

so once again, i must post my creations here, instead of the exchange. this is a house i built today, from a floorplan book i have. i took some liberties with it tho.

i didnt get any interior shots, because i wasnt expecting to post more than one picture (altho i should have KNOWN the launcher wasnt going to work. ill load up my game later and get some better pics.

this house has many custom/store windows. so that may be the only thing that doesnt look right after downloading. unless you already have the bas haus set. it has a large family area, fireplace, 5-ish bedrooms, large kitchen, and a pool in the basement.

the back of the house is a cliff overlooking the beach. i have NO idea how the landscape shape will effect a lot in another location. but this house where it is, is really cool. :)

here is the link, if you are interested. Download HERE

ok i semi furnished the house and got a few more shots

 ground floor layout. the ground floor is actualy the second floor. the entrance to the house is on the upper floor. the ground floor has 4 bedrooms, a main living area, a bathroom, and a garage

 the basement has a small pool

 the upper or main floor. large kitchen and dining area. fireplace/sitting room, and a small reading nook. also 2 more bedroom and 2 bathrooms


  1. Haha, love the font on your blog ;)

    Love the house! It's similar to those down in the Gulf area...."hurricane houses" only they have strictly beams supporting them....something I never really understood. Hurricanes pack powerful winds....I'm sure the beams are strong...but wouldn't like....concrete do better? I dunno.

    Back to your home, I love it and I wanna see the interior! :P

  2. Want me to post it to my listing site? :)

    This font is awesome b/w! :D

  3. thanx guys :) yeah sure vid, let me get some better pics first. i was gonna wait till i had more furnishings, but hey, thats what motherlode is for! lol

    ill be back in a bit with more pics

  4. Zeri, your house is so lovely!! I really admire home builders...I dunno how you do it! And the windows in this place are GORGEOUS, especially rounded ones (where in the world did you get those?? o_O)

    Beautiful job! :D

  5. most of the windows are the bas haus set, but the large 2 story ones i got from some spanish site, with GREAT CC. i think it was this one


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