my snake has a new home

i finaly got my snake terrarium from ebay!

its SOO much bigger than the 40 gallon tank she used to be in

doesnt she look happy? XD

now i just need to get her some decorative sticks and whatnot so she can climb. its always bothered me that her tank was flat and she couldnt climb. rat snakes are semi arboreal, and they are good climbers. now she has more than 3x the room she had before if you count up.


  1. Of all the simmers, the one to have a snake, would have to be you, you are epic in that way. XD

  2. well thank you ^^ i think? :P

  3. Whats your snakes name Zeri, I bet you is a badass name innit?

  4. its Circe. i was really stumped coming up with names so i just went to ol' greek mythology lol

  5. Love it!
    If I had a reptile it would probably be an ancient greek/Egyptian too name or a pre 1600 european name!
    haha I bet my kids will have pre 1600 names, I just love them!


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