well my daughter got me up way too early AGAIN. and i dont know what to post but its been a while since i updated so i figured i might as well post SOMTHING.

watched that 'into the universe with stephen hawking' last night. i love that stuff. been a long time since ive gotten to think about anything other than appointments and whats for dinner. i love thinking about the universe and all the possibilities it holds. i really crave intellectual conversation. my family is a no-intelligence zone. how can you have serious conversations about infinity with a 7 year old? how can you explain string theory to a a 10 year old whos main interest is sims and kitties? lol

ahh i love them but i need some adults to talk to now and then


  1. You DEFFO won't get a conversation like that with me!! The only proff you need's the crap I post on my blog! LOL!

    I did ask my brother about the String Theory once, but he told me to go away. He dosen't like explaining things to me, especially if it's to help me with my HP fanfic. LOL!


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