did hell freeze over today?

i was reading the sims 3 forum earlier today, and i saw somthing shocking.

Jarsie9, was actualy nice to someone! Not only was she not deliberatly storming into the thread just to be rude and make a point, she seemed to actualy commend someone.

maybe she is maturing a bit lol

well thats all for me this week ladies and gents, im off on a camping trip for the weekend!! talk to everyone when i get back XD


  1. It was a little chilly out today! Lol!! I didn't see it that way Zeri... I saw Jarsie9 being the same old Jarsie9... but people interpret things differently. :) I mean surprisingly she didn't step in and try to out and out crush the dude, but she wasn't very nice to the other poster.

  2. Oh my God!!! Should we be scared do ya think?

    Jarsie9 being NICE for once? I can't believe it!!!

  3. All she was doing was what Jarsie9 always does, sooking up to those running the site's backsides.

    Secondly, the person whom she was disagreeing with was CloverStarDropper, whose made a fool of her twice now and the old bat's not happy about it. She ran a vendetta against Cele Seraphym & Cecesaun1 after they served her, so this is par for the course.

    We'd drop Clover a line and give her warning, but it appears she's part of that entourage that curse our names on Xat chatboard now we've past any usefulness to them (hello Lady Emilyye, WindbagErick, Mummyman and Firestar!), so it would be like talking to a brick wall. Anyway, we're fed up of helping folk only to get f**k all thanks for it.


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