my entire life i have wanted a unicorn

and now, i have one! in the xbox version of elder scrolls oblivion of course. i was wandering thru the beautiful countryside when i happened upon a magical glen. i was charged by minotaurs! they came from every angle, and were far too powerful for me to even attempt to fight. i ran, dodging blows from the chasing minotaurs and jumping over rocks, desperate to find a safe haven.
ahead of me, i saw it. standing, still as a statue, surrounded by light.  it stood peacefully unaware at what thundered toward it. the minotaurs were closing in, and i leapt into the air. i landed on the unicorn's back, and together,   we ran.

ive never been so excitied!!! not only did i actualy get to see a unicorn in a game, i actualy hunting him down and captured him!! and now hes MINE!!

i have to be careful where i leave him tho, or he will try to return to the glen. but as long as i can help it, that unicorn isnt going anywhere.

my whole life i have wanted a unicorn....


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