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well im tired of looking at all the angry blogs and seeing everyone upset, so im gonna try to change the subject. not like many ppl even know my blog is here lol. this is mostly here to entertain myself, and give me someone to talk to. YES i talk to myself, gotta problem?

anyways, what was i saying?? oh yeah! vacation pictures time! here are some pics form the state park i went camping in. it was SO beautiful, i cant wait to go back. i grew up in the woods so im no stranger to wilderness, and even i was amazed at the beauty here.

this was our cabin. it doesnt look like much, but it was actualy pretty nice inside.

this was one of the bathroom stations. lol even the bathrooms were scenic

this was a little waterfall that was coming out of the backside of the lake.. uh uhuh uhuh.. backside...

here is one of the lakes... we only had time to visit one of them, the park was so big, we didnt get to see hardly any of it. i wish i could have gone fishing or swimming, but the season hadnt opend yet so the water was closed.

here is a fish! he was swimming right by the shore sunning himself.

the lake again

this is the little swamp that was behind our cabin. this picture came out so great im using it as a desktop lol.

i LOVE swamps and ponds and woods. like i said, i grew up in the wilderness. i spent my childhood catching frogs and snakes and turtles. other little girls were collecting friendship bracelets and talking about debbie gibson, i was swamp diving. this place felt like home to me.

i spent a good hour down there enjoying the swamp. this is from the opposite side

here is a frog i almost caught. the last ten years sitting behind a computer have made me soft lol. my hunting skills are sub par at best. i used to be able to catch frogs blindfolded.

this is the crow that stole our marshmallows. we left the bag on the picnic table over night, and i woke up to find this little thief pilfering our sweets. he was flying away with one in his beak. the rest of the day he sat in that tree bitching at us lol. 'hey man! get outta here so i can get more marshmellows!!'

well thats about it!  i cant WAIT to go back. this park was absolutely amazing and there is still so much to see and do. i have more pictures, but id rather not post personal photos on a public blog, ill post them to simpletons later maybe. i hope you enjoyed my little photo safari.


  1. Wow, beautiful park! Happy to hear you had a good time there. Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

  2. Wow, beautiful park! Happy to hear you had a good time there. Thanks for sharing the pictures :)


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