im tired of talking to recordings.

for weeks now, some debt collectors have been calling my house with recorded messeges and harassing me... which would be annoying enough if it was MY debt. but they have the wrong number.

but can i TELL them they have the wrong number? no, because its always a freekin recording!! so week after week i have to deal with these irritating phone calls that can never be resolved because i dont even know the person they are trying to reach.

is it so dam hard to have live operators these days? it would be SOO much easier to just tell a live person, 'hey its a wrong number, dumbass!!'

instead i have to listen to this robot telling me so and so has a debt to pay. good for her. i dont have credit cards for this EXACT reason.
fuck debt. why should i deal with someone ELSES debt problem? fuckwits.


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