just got back

from camping, boy did we have fun! i have a ton of pictures that i might post later, or maybe ill just post them on simpletons, ill decide later. but i was reading up on the The Mares Nest issues that i missed and i was a little disgusted.

i cant beleive how many people are going around saying that the jack incident had 'gone too far' and bla bla. wtf??

do you KNOW what kind of potential danger that boy was?? perhaps im mearly the paranoid type, but i also watch shows like forensic files, and i have SEEN what happens when crazy people  get pissed at random strangers on the internet...

there was one story in particular that comes to mind. and this is NOT a scripted show, these are true stories.
18 year old boy is selling CB radios out of his house through his website. he decides to pull the ol  switcheroo on people, charging them 300 dollars for a top of the line machine, but instead, sends them a crappier one, pocketing the difference.

naturaly this pissed alot of ppl off. one person in particular, some married middle class 'normal' person, was so pissed it ate away at him. he fumed and fumed untill he couldn't stand it anymore and wanted revenge. he sent this boy a BOMB.

 he knew nothing about this kid (or even that he WAS a kid) but he knew his address.  a package arrives one morning and the kids mom hands it to him. he opens it, and the both blow up. the kid was blown to pieces. the mom was horribly disfigured and permanently scarred.

THIS REALLY HAPPENED. you think TMN went too far?? how long do you think jack could have gone on doing what he was doing and NOT get this same kinda fate on his head??

i love how the majority of the 'know it alls' in the sims community arent even out of their teens yet and seem to think they have the whole world figured out.


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