the princess and the peony

this is a story i wrote a long time ago. i had forgotten about it mostly. i wrote it for a sims story back in the olden days of sims 2, and i never realized i had a text copy of it. i just found it in my closet :)
its not a wonderful, epic or even interesting story. its just a simple fable. enjoy

                                     The Princess and the Peony.

  A beautiful princess named Ming is betrothed to a man she has never met, and does not love. She wanders into a field of flowers, to ease her sorrow.
   She find a large, lonley peony. As Ming approaches the peony, she hears telling her to return to the peony every night, and she will find her true love    Ming does as she is asked, and that night in the field of flowers, she finds a handsome man. Each night she returns to the peony bed, and each night she sees  the young man, but never do they touch. Her bethrothed gets wind of her strange night time hobby and follows her, only to find her with another man.
   He is furious, and tells Ming that if she does not stop going to the field every night, he will burn it down.
    the next night, the eve of her wedding, Ming did not go to the peony field. She instead, sat in front of the fire sobbing.
    her handmaiden, curious, went to the field instead. she saw the handsome man, heartbroken. He began to fade, and the peony wilted and started to die.
    The handmaiden, hurridly gathered up the peony in her hands and ran home to the palace. As she neared, the peony grew more vibrant. Ming saw her handmaiden
     with the peony and became upset. "why have you brought this here?" she asked. "this peony longs for you, my lady. without you it will surely die" Ming was  shocked. She snatched the flower from the handmaiden's hand and threw it into the fire. As she did, the young man appeared. He was a spirit. "why have you forsaken me, my love?' He asked with tears in his eyes. He began to fade away. "NO!" Ming cried, and threw herself into the fire. the spirit with his last  ounce of strength, caught her, and they embraced for the first time. "you you admit you love me?" The spirit asked. "yes!" Ming replied. "i love you will all  that i am, please dont leave me forever." With that, the spell was broken. The peony died, and the young man was restored to life. Ming and her peony prince   lived happily ever after          


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