The Kingdom of Stonewall is near completion

the first town i made in CAW, and still my favorite of all the towns ive worked on. after getting IP, i decided to go back in and fix it up, smooth out some issues that i had noticed, and give some areas a complete makeover. and because its got a large central river, i felt it was a sure thing for house boats :)

here are a few pics

 town center got completely redone. i smoothed the ground and made the area larger and more square. its less awkward now. 

 aerial of town center. the large green area in the middle is parks and fishing lots, and the cobblestone area is all rabbitholes and community lots.

 across the river is vast farmland, forest and mountain. this is a very rural world

 along the lake there are a few condos. the closest thing town comes to city

 the river and both land bridges. when i first made this world i didnt know how to do bridges. i do now, but i still feel like theses land bridges look cool and work for this town.

 there are lovely views from almost everywhere

well thats not all of it, but its a general feel of the place.  i will need some volenteers to test it.
i will be playing it myself, but since i already HAVE all these items, i need to know if any CC leaks thru or if anything doesnt work properly.

the last town i uploaded, i went thru GREAT lengths to not use any CC anywhere, and some got thru anyway.
so i want to be extra sure before i release it to the public with a tag of 'cc free'
so if anyone is willing to play test, let me know!


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