ok now im really friggin aggrivated

i dont think i will EVER be able to release this town to the public. after all that work, smoothing every road, removing and replacing every lot, i STILL have clipping and bumpy roads everywhere! this looked fine in CAW why is it screwed up in game? i smoothed EVERY DAM ROAD. somtimes 4 or 5 times!!
im getting so fed up with the whole dam thing. its such an awesome town but it will forever be sub par because im apparently doing something majorly wrong.
AAARG im so mad!!@#$


  1. I wouldn't worry too much. I have a world from a widely known world creator that has some issues. As long as the bumpy roads and clipping aren't going to cause major issues, I'd say release it anyway. The world I have, the ground isn't smooth everywhere so the sims feet sink into the ground.

  2. really? well that does me feel a little better. there are no play isues with the world, everything runs smoothly. just those few clipping lots and some roads that i KNOW i smoothed that are bumpy now. maybe im being too critical?

  3. Maybe, lol. If there are no play issues, I'd upload it. It looks really awesome so I am sure there will be people who love it.


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