*sigh* deep breath

ok.. trying not to get really pissed off here. keep calm. oooohm.
after deleting (AGAIN) all my lots and replacing them, i realized i can stop the clipping just by moving the lot slightly or double clicking it. i wont know for sure if that solution will stick untill i load it up in game again, but so far it keeping me from going homicidal lol.
ive had to run around the entire map twice double clicking lots... i have NO idea why some of them clip  again after fixing them, and some dont.
but, the clicking thing will save me some time and aggravation, since i dont have to tear everything down and rebuild over and over.

im really growing weary of this crap tho.. my second town, Pine Valleym the one i uploaded to my studio, didnt have any of these problems. but, THAT town is completely flat. that town also kinda bores me lol.

i LOVE this town, and i really want it to work right! hopefully i can keep calm, be patient, and smooth out the issues without going postal.


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