ok, apparently im NOT done talking about this

because obviously no one else is, and im getting annoyed with the growing theme.
Zimmerman is not 'white'. saying its a 'white on black' crime is ridiculous and not factual. he is hispanic. and to you people who seem to continue to ignore this fact, saying it doesnt matter, your fucking hypocrites. first, you say race doesnt matter, and then try to create a racial argument. so which is it? is race a factor or isnt it? it cant be both dumbass.

is this a racial crime? yes it is, because Treyvon was killed BECAUSE he was a black kid in a hoodie. it is a white on black crime? no. so stop it already dumbfucks.
this isnt a 'white america verses black america' kinda thing. there is alot of hate and animosity between blacks and hispanics in certain areas for some reason. it has 0 to do with white people. so stop making the argument something it is not. if you have an issue with white people, fine. have THAT argument. THIS argument has nothing to do with them.


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