whos yo daddy?

my heiress, Alina, is pregnant! problem is, i dont know who the daddy is LOL. i have the risky woohoo mod (for just this sort of fun) and shes somewhat of the town bike.

i turned the game on today and she started getting morning sik.. and i cant remember for the life of me, who she was with yesterday HAHAHA. so i guess ill have to just wait and see and check the family tree.  man i hope it wasnt the one ugly dude she did at that party... crazy chicks do weird things when they get bored


  1. well poo. the daddy turned out to be her imaginary friend, which would have been great. (he sure was cute) but he was glitched, and dissapeared out of the game before the baby was born. so now her father is nobody,and she is more or less just a clone of her mother. :(


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