meet Tariq - more seasons pic spam

hello ladies, im harry potter. in town for the winter festival

 building a snowman with dad.

 and then for some reason he smashed it.... who smashes their kids snowman?

and of course, no trip to town would be complete without a visit from grimmy.

 and a grimmy snowman!

Tariq got some cocoa but it didnt fill up his hunger AT ALL. luckily he a genie so a perfect meal is only a nose wiggle away.

why o why do all my sims play in the snow practically naked?

 Juanita went to the beach and skipped a few stones. it was beautiful.

 she ran into her brother in law.. and invited him for a bite

ok this was hilarious. Kyle has been having tons of funzies blowing crap up all over town. (hes not in the inventor career, he just likes blowing crap up) well, the master bedroom bed went wonky again. (seems to happen every time i have a baby AND a butler, dunno why.) so i said, hey, i know. since i have to replace it anyway, lets blow it up.
 he managed to completely total his own house. the second floor, where the bed was located, lost everything in  3 room radius. the nursery was decimated. (luckily the baby was elsewhere at the time) the bathroom was fucked, even the hallway. but thats not all. the floor below was ALSO totaled. he destroyed half the kitchen, and the downstairs spare bedroom as well. luckily he a millionaire so everything was easily replaced. except for the special fridge his grandmother earned from being a top level chef... couldnt even find it in buydebug :(

but it gave me a good excuse to redecorate. i built and furnished this house back in base game. needs some updating.

next day was spring thaw! woo! it happend so gracefully it was so cool to watch

 it inspired Kyle to go for a spring ride. of course it began thundering and scared the horse. (shes the jumpy one)

all the snow is gone now, except the fun toys we made. the igloo kinda.. deflated. it just me, or is this snowman plotting to steal my foods?


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