seasons pics, tra la laaa

in my town, (moonlight falls) it rains ALOT. i dunno if weather is randomised for each town, or if the EA towns have presets. cause it would make sense for this town to be 'gloomy' i love it, regardless. here are a few screen i got (when i remembered to take pics)

 Kyle and Jaunita's first kiss in the rain. (sigh) how romantic

 it rained all summer, pretty much. had maybe 2 sunny days. i think Kyle's umbrella is broken

 dunno if you can see in the pic, but there are ripples in the pond in the background. and in the water trough.

 the horses make little splashes when they gallop on rainy days. the cars do this too, on the street, make splashes as they drive. what detail, im so in love with this game

 Kyle splashing in a puddle. theres a low spot in the yard right there, it collects quite a bit of rain

 fall is here! look the leaves are dropping.

 just a few scenery shots. Kyle and Jaunita actualy had their first baby on the first of Fall. His name is Tariq and hes got all his daddy's traits. (he is also a genie)

this town is beautiful.

 went to the festival and got a pumpkin. for some reason Kyle wanted to carve it in the bathroom.

 wildflowers started growing on my lot!

 Juanita went downtown to see the festival. shes a vamp, so she doesnt get to enjoy the festivals much. but i gave her a sun parasol, and it does actualy seem to help vamps. unless shes bobbing for apples and isnt using it. :/

 then she went into the spooooky haunted house. ahhh ghosts!

when she left, this little witch gnome appeared in her pocket! OHBOY a new gnome!!!!


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