what a hypocritical holiday

i dislike thanksgiving. and not because my family sucks and i hate cooking.
(my extended family sucks, my children are awesome)
was watching the peanuts thanksgiving special with my kids and it was made painfully clear what ive always subconsciously hated about thanksgiving.
so the settlers spent a year dying and suffering in the new land before the indians came and gave them food, and showed them how to grow crops and basicaly saved their sorry asses.
they extended the arms of friendship and brotherly love to these strangers in their land. and in return, we spend the next 100 years murdering them and stealing their home and heritage.
"hey thanx for the turkey and saving our lives and shit! now GET THE FUCK OFF OUR LAND BEFORE WE BLOW YOU AWAY, YOU GODLESS INJUNS"
. and to make it even more insulting, we continue to celebrate the day. that. is. seriously. fucked. up.
yeah i looooove thanksgiving ...-_-


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