last pic spam post

probalby. ill start posting to the forum from now on probably. its just easier to post pics here without having to use photobucket as a go between. ahhh lazyness.

oh well on with the show

all the other gnomes worship the evil one, Pazuzu. i have since gotten another one, and figured out theat when you have an enemy, you get one in the mail.

 gotta love those random outfits kids age up into

 saw an alien walking around in my yard for some reason

 she poitned a doohickey at my lawn furniture and then wandered off

 Juanita the couch potato, decided to upgrade the family tv. you can see this thing from space

 Tariq is turning into quite the little bad boy. so much for the mild mannered nerdy type! he stole his dad's motercycl and skips school pretty much every day.

 he got arrested egging his aunts house. oops

 grounded again! seems like this kid is always in trouble. spoiled little rich kid whos mom is a special agent. no wonder he thinks he can do no wrong

 he got a new hairdo to fit his new lifestyle

 looks pretty goofy is you ask me

 he got grounded again and made his horse, Valentine, kick his dad.

 the horse loved it. hes as big an asshole as Tariq

 flaming poo bag time!

 after a busy day or skipping school and egg tossing, a boy likes to relax and roast a nice pumpkin on a stick

 mmm toasty

 ahhh nothing like the beauty of winter

 Its snowflake day! friends and relative came over to open gifts.
Tariq is grown now (i got  warning about his doing badly in school and id better watch out or it would permantly affect his personaality. i took it as a dare and MADE him skip school every day. he rolled the mean spirited trait, which works for me) he is now 'dating' several girls and canot commit to any of them. he also likes to beat up any men who even look at them crosseyed. Tariq is a bit of a hoodlum.

 this is Maria. sweet soft spoken girl who doesnt have alot in common with Tariq. he is still trying to conquer her.

 this is Deena.  shes a fairy who i think may be older than him. (cougar time!) shes ok looking and seems to like him.

 This is Xasha and Chastity. both are hot for him, and he for them. but both are engaged to other guys,

 There is also Yvette, who i think is in this pic somewhere. Yvette is a werewolf he went to high school with. shes a beautiful viking maiden with long blond hair. and always seems to have a boyfriend, making her difficult to tie down.

 this was pretty.. i dont recall seeing  teal sky before.

 ahh this is Chastity. he invited her over and they have some fun. she is still engaged unfortunately.

 but shes a vampire so ive got time >:)

 ooo easter eggs!

 ahh yes, last of Tariq's lady friends. Aileen. this firey redhead is also attracted to him, and he her, but she is also engaged (curse you story progression!)

so those are my choices, or rather HIS choices. i cant decide which lady i like better. i was going to let the game decide but just abou EVERY one of them asks him out every day so its even harder to choose lol

which of these lovely ladies will tame Tariq? or will he string them all alone and only have him way with them?

oo bad boys are so much fun!


  1. My goodness! What a rebellious thing! I think MAYBE one of the ladies will tame him, but you never know.


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