Kyle finds true love

well, seems my blog is mostly about the gravedigger family these days.. cause that about all i got goin on in my life right now lol

 Kyle is an animal lover, so he wanted a new cat. we got one from the shelter and well.. she looks ALOT like the old cat.

 the attraction system works! (doesnt screw up a relationship for once) Kyle met this lovely vampress at school one day, and she was all bubbly hearts for him and whatnot. so, he asked her out, and he was 10/10 attraction with her too.

 curfew came before he could get romantic with her that night, so they both went home. while he was sleeping THAT NIGHT, nraas paired her up with some loser in town. 'so and so walking on the boardwalk, could it be love' i was like noooooooooo.

so next morning he invited her over first thing. luckily she wasnt involved yet, so he made it his bushiness to get her involved.. with him. before long they were steady. (gotta move fast when you have SP mod) lol

 unbelievably, i saw the option t propose to her. they are both still teens. so i said why not, lets do it! teens do stupid things all the time!! so he popped the question and she said yes. then he asked her to the prom, and she reluctantly agreed. THEN i had them have a private wedding. here they are exchanging rings.. the game didnt recognize it as an official wedding tho, and they are still engaged.

 arent they such a cute couple??

that night Kyle aged up so Alina threw him a birthday party. as the guests were leaving, so did she.

so Kyle is on his own now, a new young adult with a hot young vampire fiancee. a genie and a vampire..the world is wide open!!


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