this is some fucked up shit

like right out of a movie or something. this nutbag goes into a theater, tosses teargas, and then mows down everything that moves. like omwtf?
ironically, it sounds like something a batman villain would do...
the guy had head to tow ballistic gear on, and apparently has his apartment booby trapped with explosives so law enforcement cant get in.
like wow..
where did this guy come from and where did he get this stuff?


  1. I wonder how he even got all of that equipment past the employees. I can't even sneak a Jamba Juice into a movie theater without getting stopped.

  2. breaking news is now reporting that this guy dyed his hair red and is claiming to be the Joker. i guess  nobody told him the Joker had green hair

  3. I said the same thing about this guy. Where in hell did he get all this stuff? How?
    Even though this may be a isolated event, I won't be going to the movies anytime soon.. I hope they lock him up and he doesn't get the insanity crap. He needs to ROT in jail! Litterally rot!

  4. The exit door to the theatre is how he got in. Someone (most likely himself) had something holding it open.  Sad day when a hangout/family place isn't even safe anymore. :/

  5. I read on the news report here that he had a ticket for the film - so I guess he went in along with everyone else, watched for a while and then went outside pretending to take a call, then came back in with all his weapons.  Horrifying.


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