so the gw2 beta is done

and it was so much fun! but i was pretty much glued to my pc all weekend and im so burnt out now lol
here are a few screenies from my trip

 i played a ranger (always my favorite class because i can have/train pets)
im rather fond of the duel wielding axes. i think they may be my favorite ranger weapon so far

 my Melandru Stalker. the starter pet.

my white wolf. (not a great pic, he moved just as i  clicked! lol) i went around the world to find one to tame. by then the neta was pretty much over lol. i tamed my wolf and went to bed. :P

i was slightly dissapointed in the game graphically tho. i dont think the game has made any real advancements over the previous installment. in fact it may actualy be a step back. i cant find any of my gw screenshots to compare, tho. still, overall a very enjoyable game, cant wait to go live


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