after watching 'the woman in black' and playing some skyrim, i was inspired to build yet another gothy type mansion. this one may be better than my last one, but im not sure i want my Ovevil family living there just yet.. im still waiting on Supernatural to come out. i think there may be a place for my family in the new town. if not, ill put this house down and give it a try.. it seems small. (well, compared to previous Ovevil houses) but i think it has all the space i need. if not, i may be able to imp[rove it a bit.
im not sure if the elevators will work... in fact, im almost sure they will NOT work. stupid foundations get in the way of having a basement. so, i will have to work that out eventualy too. i need to actually play the house before i know.

well anyway, here it is in all its unfurnished glory.

 i realized (finaly) my houses never looked creepy enough because i used too many live trees. much better. doesnt it look delightfully ominous? i also added the half windows from the amityville horror house. because why not.

 this is the top floor, and where the bedrooms are. 2 small bathrooms, and 3 oddly shaped bedrooms. the small one for a teen or butler, the middle one a child bedroom/playroom, and a larger bedroom for teen/grandparent.

 the second floor doesnt have much. a hallway that is open to the floor below, a small room that leads upstairs and out to the balcony, and 2 bedrooms to the far side. one perhaps a nursery, and the master bedroom. one bathroom on this floor.

 ground floor has an open foyer, and large fireplace/sitting room. a small tv/livingroom with an elevator leading to the basement and one small bathroom. on the other side, the kitchen and dining room.

the basement. since its iffy whether or not it will be acsessable, i didnt do anything with it yet, really. its the actual graveyard. the graves outside are decorative only. these 3 boxes will contain the remains of family members and pets. safely contained so they dont wander about and annoy me. but i will still be able to retain my family tree. there is supposed to be a reaper statue in the middle, but i couldnt find it in buy debug :/
guess ill have to steal one.

the long area to the side is just empty space for basement stuff. workout equipment, etc.

why am i telling you all this you ask? well in all honesty, this is mostly so i dont forget haha. it will be a while still before supernatural comes out, and i might forget what rooms were what or what i was planning to do with this house.
i havent uploaded it yet, and wasnt sure if i should. it has alot of custom windows and paint and stuff. half the cc i have is architectural and furniture. i like to have  certain style that Ea just hasnt yet provided. so if i WERE to upload it, id have to remember where i got all that crap, so it would look the same lol

feel free to comment on it if you like, but this is mostly just a sort of 'receipt' for myself. i cant remember shit theses days


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