sometimes i wonder if im the only person who doesnt go around being a dick to people on purpose. i mean honestly what is the point of being an abrasive ass to everyone?
does it make you feel important? superior? like a winner?
guess what. it makes you a douche. thats all.
even my own family, cant seem to go 20 minutes without trying to be a shit to somebody. i mean ffs, just leave other people be and mind your own fucking business once in a while!


  1. I imagine it does make them feel that way. To be honest, it made me feel superior in a way to always be abrasive. I guess because it just made me feel more detached, less emotional, so I guess it's a defense mechanism for some people. 

    But to be honest, getting out of the abrasive department actually makes me feel MORE superior. Anytime I see drama now, I realize just how much my blood pressure is NOT going up. Someone else is wasting their time on it, and I don't mean that I feel better than them necessarily, I just feel sorry for them in a way. I've been much happier since leaving Grumpy Toast behind, and I intend for it to stay that way from now on.


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