i dont get right wing wackos

i just cant get this confrontation out of my head for some reason.
i was commenting on a friend of mine's facebook. it was an artical about obama, and how he visited a diner and like an hour later the woman died.
he asked me was faux news would say, and i said OBAMA KILLS GRANDMOTHER.
it was tasteless but we had a good laugh.
but then, this other guy pops in (from his friendlist) babbling something about how obama's grandmother remembered him being born in kenya (oy vey THAT crap again?)
still in a joking mood, i said well you cant trust what old ppl say, my grandmother couldnt even remember my name lol.
and then, the guy goes totaly batshit crazy!
im a liberal whore, and if it was Bush i would be screaming to god, and im probably a molatto crack baby mamma, and omg the filth that spewed from this person, was simply unbelievable.
being used to trolls and douchebags (thank you mmos) i pretty much had this guy's number.
so he resorted to insulting my spelling. we all know thats a last ditch effort to get the upper hand lol.
he said the N word like 4 times, and when i called him a racist douchebag he got offended and blocked me. he actually seemed OFFENDED that i called him a racist.
im still like... wow..
what a horrible man. where do these people come from? and he basicaly just PROVED MY FUCKING THEORY. all these people who are so adamantly against obama, are basically just closet racists who only hate him because hes black.
if your going to hate somebody, ANYBODY, hate them for what they say, and what they do, not WHAT THEY ARE.

im not even technically an obama suporter. but, since i dont hate him, im automatically a liberal 'nigger lover' crack whore.. classy

(i apologize for the word that i used there, but thats pretty much exactly what he called me)


  1. Dude, what the fuck? Where do these people come from and why are they allowed to breed? Also, why the fuck do they feel the need to police facebook for any "omgebilliberals!" Personally, I'm not exactly a fan of Obama, but shit, I certainly don't hate the man. 

  2. yeah it was insane. and the argument he was trying to make wasnt even remotely on topic to what my friend and i were talking about. it seemed to me he just had alot of pent up aggression against all the 'liberal loonies' and thought he saw an easy mark. spouted off every single right wing stereotype at me, all the while pretty firmly believing all of it was true and i would be insulted. isnt it funny tho, how a racist calls someone who isnt a racist 'a N- lover' and we are supposed to be offended by that. only a racist would be offended. sound logic right there *eye roll*

  3. Ugh. That is crazy. I can't stand people like that.


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