i truly weep for the future

i need to get away from mmos for a while i think. maybe even the entire internet in general. if one more condescending little pissant gives me a 'face palm' im gonna shove his face palm right up his ass. arrogant know-it-all little shits, everywhere you go. fuck you all. the world is fucking doomed if you assholes are the future. READ A GODAM BOOK NOW AND THEN. and please PLEASE get a fucking clue.
ive forgotten more than you little asswipes have ever known. disrespect me again, shit for brains. see if i ever go out of my way to help someone again.
but no please, tell me again about how i dont know what im talking about. not only have i been around longer than you, i been playing video games longer than you been ALIVE.


  1. I know you were angry....but go bite a wall? That is funny as hell, LOL!

    But yes, I agree, it's sad of we have people like that who will be running things when we are old. Hopefully the good ones I have encountered will counter it though.

  2.  yeah there are plenty of good ones out there. it just seems, the more and more i look around, everyone is a friggin idiot. not only an idiot, but a self righteous one. mmos are the worst. those games are filled with those people, and i have to suffer with them because i like the game. they need to make an mmo i can play without being bothered by other people lol

  3.  One day, I hope that they make an MMO that people can physically live inside of so that all of humanity's dumbest shits can just stay in there and everyone else can know to avoid it. For now, I just treat MMO's like they are that.

  4. LOL Well that kind of defeats the purpose of an MMO :P But I do know how you feel.


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