the worlds strangest goldfish

a few weeks back i got some fat little calico fan tailed goldfish for one of my tanks. they are my favorite kind of goldfish ^_^
anyway, the first week or so went by normaly. then one evening, i noticed one of the goldfish was swimming on his side.. like death was imminent. i said 'awww' and pretty much expected him to be dead by morning.
but, the next morning when it came time to feed them, he was swimming normally and happily gobbled up his food.
curious... i figured maybe he was just..not feeling well or something and didnt think about it again.
well it has happened again.. and again.. and AGAIN. almost every day now, we see this poor thing upside down or on its side like its on death's door. then later on hes swimming fine again!

WTH is up with this goldfish? strangest dam thing i ever saw


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