pee-wee squarepants

i was just watching this video from the jimmy fallon show where he had pee-wee herman on as a guest, promoting his new show.
now, for those of you who are not a hundred years old like me and have NO idea who pee-wee herman is, let me explain.

Pee-Wee Herman Show

pee wee had a ridiculous kid show that was on when i was a kid, with talking furniture and a magic genie who lived in his wall and alot of other really strange things. it was actualy based on his 'mock' kids show skits, which were aimed at adults.

the show was ..cute. but at the time i found it terribly lame. (and it was)

well, after seeing him again on that video clip i realized how much pee wee reminded me of another squeeky voiced cartoon character. spongebob squarepants.

so.. pee wee is what spongebob squarepants would be if he was real.


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