im so bored

and full of anxiety waiting for late night lol. i can hardly wait, and even tho the release is tomorrow, i may not be getting it right away.  (i dont drive) the nearest walmart is too far to walk to.
 Crying Smiley

so, im bored and lonely in the meantime.  my bf is at work. just me and the 2 year old. and we all know what kinda stimulating conversation you get outta one of THOSE things.
maybe ill go play EQ2 or somthing...
just dont feel like doing anything ..


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling blue, Zeri. :( And yeah, I can imagine how stimulating the convos are with your little one...

    You're probably enjoying LN now, but do you have any projects you could start or work on? Something like a legacy or some other challenge?

    LN should keep you occupied for a while, though! In the meantime, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with some interesting new shiz to have fun with, and hopefully some of it can be OUTSIDE of the game! ^_^

    If you need to talk or rant or shoot the shiz or anything, hit me up.

  2. i actualy have alot of 'pet projects' id love to get into, but my 2 year old needs my constant, unwavering attention so i dont really have the time for much.

    im lucky if i even get to do my daily chores.. *sigh* this kid is SERIOUSLY needy


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