oh please, spare me

been seeing various news headlines lately about voting on the gay marriage thing..
ok WHY is this still an issue in this country? gay people are friggin PEOPLE and is PEOPLE want to get married, who gives a shit? you try to go one about the 'sanctity of marriage' thats a huge crock of shit right there.
marriage is sacred? since when? since parent arranged for children to marry people they didnt love, or even KNOW? since, husbands beat up wives because their eggs were runny? because spouces kill spouces because they are tired of being spouces??

oh YEAH marriage is sacred.. if marriage is sacred, tear down las vegas. because 2 drunk idiots getting married after a night of debauchery and gambling is NOT sacred.
if marriage is sacred, lets see less of these stories of lonely women marrying their cat/donkey/blowup doll to make a point to their mother. if marriage is sacred, lets just make divorce illegal! well see more murders, but hey were protecting the 'sanctitiy' of marriage, am i right??

get a fucking clue morons. if 2 adult people who are legitimately in love want to get married, LET THEM. THAT just might be sacred...


  1. Amen! Jeez, love is love! People don't frigging understand, DAMMIT!


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