unexpected twist

 Deity invited CJ Daniels over again for an 'old times sake' whoohoo in the time machine.

 a day or two later, i was shocked to see this girl stroll out, talking like a caveman.. yet clearly dressed from medieval times. apparently, she was born in a cave and Deity and CJ just left her there. rude. shes a teen, and only a few days younger than Mark. hah what a coincidence!

 she cleans up nice. im actually pretty damn fond of her.

 Demigod still trolling the townsfolk

 a little jetpacking, a powerwash, and success! Deity has completed her LTW!

 Demigod is getting abducted?? uhoh.. turned out to be nothing, but boy that could have been a problem haha

 Mark working on his witchyness. hes a fine looking boy, but there is just something about him that bores me.

 Staci is where it's at

 this kid is a total turd

 Demigod was my first sim to get hit my lightning! he survived but what a 'shocker'

 Staci got invited out on a date. i assumed it was a high school chum, but no, it was this creepy old guy. hes like married and shit. really dude? shes 15

 like i said, this kid is a turd.

 you get that cake, buddy

 the younger 2 kids were freaks and Demigod wasnt able to spread anymore seeds the the neighborhood, so its down to these two. the children of the future sims that i originaly moved in with them in the first place haha

 Mark aged up first. and since he has a less interesting personality, i moved him out with the fugly children. Staci is the winner! when she ages up, she will earn her real name

 Demigod finally, after an entire lifetime of practice, learned how to raise the dead. i wasnt sure how it worked, i thought he would just be able to transform living sims into zombies. so i practiced on his long dead brother, Spawn. Spawn came back. not as a zombie, but just alive again. he wandered off into town. what have i done?

 every other sims he did it on, resurrected as a zombie. he went down to the graveyard and had a blast

 a spontaneous zombie dance party broke out. and he completed his LTW as well! 10 reanimated zombies, woohoo! and just in time, Staci ages up tomorrow.

 uh... thats your uncle.. nothing creepy about that at all

 tadah! Staci is a YA! and yowza has she got some gazongas. damn girl. she was also granted her true name. Ellamynt Ovevil.

 she joined the alchemist career. her parents were living off inheritance and money trees. it will be good to have some income in the house again

graduation day! and Mark was there! someone thinks he is icky lol


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