a title of some sort

 well i have no idea what Ellamynt is doing here.

 but now she is aging up! that generation sure went quick

 Tero went to the prom and got a romantic interest. unfortunately its Fiona from shrek

 i tried to break it off, but she left the date too fast.

 so ill just go into the bar and flash my fake ID around. yeah im TOTALLY 21 you guys

 met another girl from school, Ada. shes not too bad i guess

 finally got lady shrek to go out with me again, after like a week of calling, what she avoiding me on purpose cause she knew what i was gonna say?

 Tero sneaking out after being grounded for pranking the school. this kid is just bad news lol

 and since daddy yelled at him when he came home, Tero used a voodoo doll on him.

 dance, old man, DANCE! muahahahaha

 Tero's birthday!

 well damn who would have guessed he would be so hot? His official name is now Forrest

 with no particular aspirations, Forrest  is a heartbreaker, and in the criminal career. he is going to destroy this town >:)

 Dante had one dying wish. to woohoo with Ellamynt in an igloo. as soon as he completed that wish, he could die happy.

 and he totaly did!

now Forrest has no one to torment with his voodoo doll. he HATED his father for some reason
im sure he will make some new enemies soon enough


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