Forrest working his way thru town

 Forrest got invited to a co-worker's party an immediately started hitting on the ladies present. single? doesnt matter. Forrest likes, Forrest gets

 altho he is still trying to lasso these 2 ladies. neither have succumbed to his advances as of yet.

 i dont remember whats going on here. i think he was turning this guy into a toad. was trying to steal a car, and this dork just wouldnt leave the parking lot

 this guy (who happens to be his nephew that he never met) decided to pick a fight with him. and won. Forrest was displeased

 and bound him to his voodoo doll..... wow Forrest really is a bastard lol

 Kandy is Forrest's new roomate. and WILL be his lover.. or perhaps even his wife. but first, he must fulfill his LTW of breaking 10 hearts. and so far its slow going

 well then, i guess we need to resrot to magical means. poof! love spell! he romanced, and dumped this poor girl all in one night. and then another one. and then a dry spell for a few days..

 went to make lunch and come back to this. apparently Ellemynt died. that old age will get ya

 Forrest's boss invited him out on a date. he took the opportunity to throw a friendship potion at her. i wont date and dump her (yet) dont want to do anything to jeopardize his job.. but oh yes, she will be part of his collection

 dawn goth was his girlfriend for a little more than a week. she always seemed to leave right before i could get her to the point i wanted, or she refused to come over. his progress was at a standstill as this stubborn woman dodged him at every turn. but Forrest had his revenged, alright. her brother invited him to a pool party on leisure day. so he arrived, woohooed her, DUMPED her, then proceeded to woohoo every other girl at the party. in front of her. did i mention hes a bastard?

 he sure is nice to Kandy tho. but i keep expecting the game to 'tattle' on me and get Kandy pissed at him for cheating. they are only romantic interests, but sometimes those count

 hmm whos life do i destroy next?

 ah yes, back to you. you sexy red.. whatever you are. alas, she left before he could close the deal. doh.

this lovely redhead walked into his life as well. he hasnt asked her out yet, but shes definitely on the list.

so far hes got 3 out of 10. lots of kisses, lots of woohoos, but not many get to the dating stage. damn sims always have somewhere to run off too before i can capture them! grr


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