history repeats

 Ellamynt cast a love spell on her husband, and their marriage is alright again.

 the twins age up! they are actually both pretty cute. but one is a witch, and one is a vampire. no hybrid *pout*

 my old cowplant stopped eating people. the 'grab cake' option just didnt show up anymore. dammit she got tame. time to get a new one :)

 well what have we here. Ellamynt and Dante whoohood in the time machine before he left for work, 2 days later Leila comes out.

but shes ooold. and not very interesting either. bleh what a disappointment. i think she might be my new cowplants first victim.

been having some issues with my game. not technical issues so much, as 'i accidentally deleted a bunch of shit and now i have to try and fix it' issues haha.

so i ran delphy dashboard the other day, and change the files to the entire sims 3 folder, instead of just the mods/packages. well it found a ton if conflicts and corrupted shit, so i deleted it all.

well, now i have no custom towns or store stuff. so every single town i play in, pretty much, is gone. the Ovevil up there are in moonlight falls, so they are safe, thats an EP town, but all my store towns are gone. my royal family, they were in dragon valley... its gone :(

so im slowly trying to rebuild my game, and hopefully i can get my stuff back without ruining any of my saves.
and my harddrive is like FULL.. so im not sure i can even fit them back in the game 0_0


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