in addition to her true name, Ellamynt inherited the evil trait when she aged up as well. ive decided it is a must for all heirs. should have been from the get go.

 her LTW is to have the perfect aquarium. so lets get fishin!

 having the lifespan of a witch and not say a vamp or a fairy, she needs to find herself a mate quick, or shell never live to see her grandkids. so i took her to the toadstool to see whos around. and wouldnt you know it, somebody died. since she is evil tho, she laughed. and that made ME laugh, muahaha

 brother and sister, together forever. i still adore these two

 Ellamynt joined the alchemist career in her teens, so she is well on her way to mastering it. she spends a few days at the shop, to make and sell her potions. shes bringing in some decent money

 Spookyday! Ellamynt carves a pumpkin. im surprised her evil uncle didnt immediately smash it

 there seems to be a strange cat convention at the park today

 Ella went down to the vampire lounge (still looking for love) and met her father for the first time

 'uh... my eyes are up HERE, dad'

 a random dude asked her out on a date, so she accepted. i threw a friendship potion at him to speed things along, but its too dark to really get a good look at him

 so Ella invited him home. hes not too bad i guess, but hes got a terrible nose. i sure dont want that thing passing down the line. they had a platonic time and he went home

 these two, always at it

 back at the club again... there is only a few days before she ages up now, and she needs to pretty much marry the next guy she meets who is single.

 and that guy was Dante Morganthe. single vampire, 10/10 attractiveness, snag him girl.

 hes got commitment issues, but surprisingly accepted. they were meant to be!

 stupid annoying bachelorette party. it happened on the day she was planning on getting married, spookyday. so i wasnt able to throw a wedding party.

 but shortly after it was over, Dante invited her over to a costume party! urm... is this a party, or a slasher movie?

 even tho i went a build a huge wedding venue just for this occasion, i had them quicky wedding right there at the party. now their anniversary is spookyday, like i wanted. yay! (and amazingly, he still accepted, with commitment issues)

 gave him a bit of a makeover. hes not bad i guess... but his eyes are REALLY small. i hope that doesnt pass down

 CJ Daniels died and Diety was heartbroken. i didnt even know she still had feelings for the guy. they hadnt spoken in years. how touching.

when Dante came home from work one evening, Ellamynt stormed out and accused him of cheating. i couldnt cancel it. wtf? he didnt cheat! he had one old romantic interest in his relationship panel from before they were married, he never even talked to that girl. now my marriage is broken thanx to a retarded game glitch. and Ellamynt is pregnant too.

one hour after the twins were born, Diety died. she hung on long enough to be a grandmother and then the reaper took her. Demigod is beside himself. hes never lived without his sister and he will probably  join her soon.


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