well i dunno whether to be dissapointed or happy

i finaly got someone to test play my world for me (my bf) to find out once and for all if removing the dcbackup folder really  prevents cc from piggybacking in your world or not.
since i have all the cc, there is no way for ME to actualy test that.
so low and behold it apparently DID work... not only did his game not get any of the cc, but all of the community lots are gone too -_-.
so basicaly half the town is empty... so all that work for nothing. the castle, gone. the only reason this town IS this town is because of THAT CASTLE. i saw it and had to build a kingdom. FUCK! i was kinda expecting the stuff to be there, but not travel into the game to reuse.. but i guess i should have known.
i can only imagine how empty the dive lots are or the other side of town. i have no idea what EPS some of that decor came from. well it truly is CC free i suppose..

so now should i reupload the town again without removing the bcbackup? im not sure if i even care anymore


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